14/18K Gold Freshwater Pearl Set 7.5-10.5mm White AAA

  • 14/18K Gold Freshwater Pearl Set 7.5-10.5mm White AAA

This exquisite 2-pieces pearl set in  18k gold earrings' settings consists of a classic single strand pearl necklace with 14k gold clasp, completed with a perfectly matched pearl earrings stud  in the same color.

The gorgeous 7.5-8.5mm white necklace is strung with high quality Freshwater Pearls, all of which have been carefully hand-selected to meet the most rigorous matching standards in regards to pearl color, surface, luster, shape and size. Each pearl, distinguished for unblemished surface, high luster and its perfectly round shape is guaranteed AAA grade, and feature a white body color with subtle rose overtones.

Each pearl on the strand is individually hand strung using the finest matching silk thread, double-knotted between pearls to ensure your precious pearls are not damaged by rubbing against each other, and affixed with a beautiful clasp of your choice.

This classic single strand pearl set is suitable for both casual and formal wear, and lends a statement of beauty and elegance to any attire. Both the pearl color and the clasp are highly customizable to meet your every whim.

£0.00 As Shown in the Picture
£0.00 White Freshwater
£0.00 Pink Freshwater
£0.00 Lavender Freshwater
£0.00 As Shown in the Picture
£0.00 Polished surface ball YG-S925
£0.00 W Polished surface ball clasp-S925
£0.00 W Laser encrusted coarse surface ball clasp-S925
£0.00 G Laser encrusted coarse surface ball clasp-S925
£0.00 Wave shape clasp-S925-G
£0.00 Wave shape clasp-S925-W
£0.00 Bean shaped clasp-S925
£0.00 Fishhook filigree clasp-YG14K
£0.00 Fishhook filigree clasp-WG14K
£0.00 Sparkling Bean-S925
£0.00 Crossed Loop-S925
£0.00 Heart shape extension chain
£0.00 Polished surface ball clasp-WG14K
£0.00 Polished surface ball clasp-YG14k
£0.00 Telesthesia-S925


Pearl necklace names

Length in inches

Length in cm



12-13 inch


Usually in three or more pearl strands, fitting snugly on the middle of the neck.

V-neck, boat neck, off-shoulder


14-16 inch


The most classic of all single strand pearl lengths.

Good choice if you are not sure about the length

Any outfit from casual to formal


17-19 inch


Suitable for crew and high necklines, also complements low plunging necklines; very popular. Good choice if you are not sure about the length

Any outfit from casual to formal; perfect with pendant or pearl enhancer


20-24 inch


Looks best with high necklines and add sophistication to a professional look

Casual or business attire; long sundresses and formal gowns


28-34 inch


The queen of pearl necklace lengths. Perfect for high or crew necklines; can be doubled upon itself to serve as two strand pearl choker.

High collar clothes, sweater; evening wear


>45 inch


For the complete pearl wardrobe; can be made with several clasps to break down into different necklace and bracelet combinations or act as multi-strand choker

High collar clothes depending on individual taste; a popular trend for high fashion




Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
Pearl Size: 7.0-9.0mm
Pearl Colour: White
Pearl Quality: AAA
Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round
Nacre: 100% solid nacre
Luster: Very high
Origin: China
Products Metals: G14K/18K

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  • Specification

  • Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
  • Pearl Size: 7.0-9.0mm
  • Pearl Colour: White
  • Pearl Quality: AAA
  • Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round
  • Nacre: 100% solid nacre
  • Luster:  Very high
  • Origin: China
  • Products Metals: G14K/18K



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