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Commitment to quality is the single-most distinguishing feature of the services we render our customers. All our pearls are hand-selected and carefully inspected for high luster, perfect shapes, blemish-free surfaces and genuine rich colors.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, send it back to us for a 100% refund within 60 days.
Our business is based on direct purchases/productions from pearl farms stretching from South and East Asia to the South Pacific. Our farm-direct prices avoid middleman and save you up to 80% below retailing prices without sacrificing quality.
GoDaddy® and SafeBuy™ verification, along with secure online purchasing features and a reputation for distinctive quality and integrity are precisely what distinguish DawnRose Pearls in today’s current retail market.
Free UK next day delivery on all of your orders. International express delivery is also available.
Each of your purchases is presented in an elegant gift box to showcase your pearls, with a gift card printed with any personal message. Also included are an introduction card and microfiber cloth for pearl care. All for free.
Each of our products is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by one of our GIA certified pearl experts, which guarantees both the authenticity of the pearls you have received and specifications as to their quality.
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How to Care Your Pearls

How to Care Your Pearls

Unlike stones, pearls are made of delicate organic material which is sensitive to chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. Proper care in the handling, cleaning and storing of this precious matter will ensure that your pearls remain lustrous and beautiful for generations to come. The following tipsƗ will help you keep your pearls in tip-top shape.


Routine Care

• It is best not to immerse your pearls in water (unless conducting a thorough cleaning, described below), not to take them into swimming pools, bathing shower or expose them to high heat sources.

• Make sure to put your pearls on after applying make-up, skin care products and perfume to reduce exposure to chemicals, and should they come into contact with any food or drink substances, immediately wipe them with a soft, damp cloth.

• It is best to have your pearls restrung once a year, particularly if they are worn frequently.



• A frequent cause of damage to pearls is storing them with other hard jewelry as this may scratch them. It is often advised to store them in a soft bag inside their jewelry box.

• Pearls need a relatively humid environment to retain luster and color. Therefore, storing them away in deposit boxes, for example, is not recommended. You might consider the following tips: 1) taking them out once in a while if they are not worn frequently; 2) keeping a slightly damp linen cloth or a small bottle of water near them.



• When you do occasionally need your pearls a more thorough cleaning, they can be immersed in clean warm water, using a clean soft cloth, but take care not to use detergent, soap or ultrasonic cleaners. After any total immersion in water, they should be spread on a clean cloth (not hung) and allowed to dry.

• A professional cleaning and inspection once a year is recommended.


Ɨ For every purchase of pearl jewelry, DawnRose Pearls provides the following items to help you care for your pearls:

A soft, silken pouch to protect your pearls when they are not being worn;

A luxurious gift box to store your pearls;

A soft cloth professionally designed to clean and dry your pearls.

DawnRose Pearls also provides pearl restringing services. Please refer to our customer service section for further details.