How to choose pearl size-pearl strand

How to choose pearl size-pearl strand

Some people might be surprised to learn that etiquette, if one is given to observing it, often plays a part in choosing pearl size.  If this is you, the chart below is a quick and convenient guide to what is generally considered appropriate. The following guide generally applies to the classic pearl necklace, but this all largely depends on the individual taste.

Pearl size on pearl necklaces

Generally appropriate age ranges

Most common occasions

<6.5-7.0mm; tin-cup

10-25 years old

Young ladies

Starting necklace;

High school graduation;

College graduation

Aprox. 7.0-8.5mm

18-40 years old; the most popular and moderate sizes

Any occasion;

Wardrobe basic

Aprox. 8.5-10.0mm

25 years old and up

Wedding gifts; Mother’s day; Valentine’s day; Christmas; Wedding anniversary; 30th-40th landmark Birthdays


30 years old and up; start to get more expensive

Wedding anniversary; Landmark birthdays; Mother’s day; Luxury gift; Special gift

Nowadays, the most popular pearl size for classic pearl necklaces is 7.0-8.5mm. Sometimes those with average height can wear a larger size than is considered typical with quite impressive effects. For the most part, it is usually considered that pearls above 9.0mm for strands are larger than normal, and pearls below 7.0mm are smaller. It is better to choose a larger size if choosing the pendant using single pearl.

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