How to choose pearl colours

How to Choose Pearl Colours

It is precisely color which has held pearl lovers in thrall for centuries, because in, in fact, the breathtaking scintillation of a pearl is derived from a mysterious combination of its body color, overtones, available light and even orientation of the pearl in this light.

Classic white elegance:

Freshwater, Akoya and SouthSea mollusks all produce pearls of satiny white hues used in the classic white pearl strand necklaces that seem to have a timeless appeal. Of these, the South Sea pearls are considered the most valuable due to their comparative rarity.

Musky black and the exotic darker hues:

Only mollusks found in Tahiti (and surrounding areas) produce the highly prized, natural “black” pearls that have such exotic appeal. However, the enchanting beauty of Tahitian Pearls is precisely in that they are never purely black (as no pearl is purely one single color), but mysteriously irradiate greater or lesser degrees of musky greens, blues, grays and dark purple.

Pink, peach, lavender and a vast array of other pastel hues:

Freshwater pearls exhibit the most versatile array of natural colors to meet any personal requirement under any occasion. The deep natural colors of some Freshwater Pearls display a unique metallic sheen and overtones of almost mystical quality.

While it is good to ascertain color preferences of the person for whom pearls are bought, there are other factors which might be taken into consideration.

Skin tone and apparel:

For example, skin tone is often considered, as well as the color of apparel that it might be worn with (especially on special occasions).  General guidelines suggest that pearls are shown at advantage with a colour close to skin tone, but look more dramatic if a bit contrast with the skin. If you aren’t sure, the classic white pearls, or a semi-neutral pearl color, with silvery, light pink or creamy hues is a nice middle ground, and unique natural pearl colors will certainly make you stand out.

However, if one wishes to show off their pearls in a more dramatic way, choosing pearl colors that contrast with skin tone is a good idea.  This also applies to matching with clothing.  A deep color pearl will often look more attractive when worn with a contrasting white blouse; a white pearl might have a more impressive effect when contrasted with rich colored clothing and a brightly colored pearl will scintillate more dramatically against a pure black or white background.

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