Genuine Pearl Colors

Genuine Pearl Colors

It is first important to understand that in the current pearl market, heavy color-treatment of pearls, either through dyeing or irradiation processes is becoming more common, even now to the point where we find rather vulgar “uniform color” pearls appearing in bright red, orange, green or blue colors, which can be easily recognized as not genuine. While this might cater to some tastes for various reasons, there are a number of disreputable pearl retailers out there who are less than forthright about which of their pearls are color-treated. For the record, there are no natural black/grey freshwater pearls, black Akoya pearls, or chocolate Tahitian pearls and reputable dealers will be sure to inform their customers of this fact.

Tahitian pearls are the only naturally black pearls. Because their colors are formed in a completely natural process, their body colors are never solid and uniform, but always appear with exotic combinations of overtones. Some freshwater pearls can also feature deep natural colors which are genuine and display a unique metallic sheen and overtones of almost mystical quality. Freshwater pearls with these unique colors generally have great mirror-like luster.     

Even an untrained but careful observer can usually recognize whether pearl color is genuine or not, so give it a try!  Naturally formed pearl colors will never be purely uniform in color, but will display an array of overtones and hues under different light sources. Further the sheen emanates from inside body of pearl rather than from the surface. 

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