Tahitian Pearls Grading

The Ministry of Pearl Culture and the Tahitian Pearl Promotion Board (GIE) regulate and promote the cultivation of Tahitian pearls as well as oversee issues related to consumer protection. French Polynesia has established its own pearl A-D grading system (with A as top quality), commonly known as the “Tahitian system”, used specifically for Tahitian and South Sea pearls, and most reputable dealers worldwide also adhere to this system.  

DawnRose Pearls only sell AA+-AAA quality of Tahitian pearl strand, and only choose the Tahitian pearls with AA+-AAA or gem quality to assemble earring and pendant.

An overview of pearl grading factors can be found here.

Tahitian System by the Ministere de la Perliculture of Tahiti

DawnRose Pearls A-AAA system





Very slight concentrated imperfections;

Only a single deep inclusion allowable;

<10% flaw surface;

Earrings/pendant is set perfectly clean(<0-3%).

Very high



Slight concentrated imperfections;

Only one or two deep inclusions allowable;

<20% flaw surface;

Earrings/pendant is set clean.

High-very high



Some visible defects;

<30% flaw surface



Not sold at DawnRose Pearls

some slight concentrated imperfections with 10% of deep imperfections tolerated

<60% flaw surface



Not sold at DawnRose Pearls

Heavily dotted

>60% deep flaws


Pearl nacre thickness is also an important quality factor: pearls with thinner nacre will be less durable. A French Polynesian parliament regulation has set a minimum nacre thickness of 0.8mm for Tahitian pearls, and pearls with nacre thinner than that are not allowed to be exported. 
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